DTC London 2019


8.30am: Breakfast & Registration

9.00am: Welcome & Introduction

9.30am: Panel Discussion – Scaling Your Business: The Key to Growth Via Customer Acquisition

Synopsis: With the growth of DTC businesses across all industries, combined with transformation from legacy brands, how can you stand out from the crowd and scale through customer acquisition?

– Ben Legg, Managing Director, Ola
– Magda Kolesinski, Marketing Director, Oddbox
– Alex Walsh, Co-Founder, JustWears

10.00am: Panel Discussion – It’s All About the Money: Navigating Your Way Through the Funding Minefield

Synopsis: Funding options are becoming increasingly complex. How do you navigate the funding minefield and choose the right option for your business needs, at the right time?

– Nikolay Piriankov, CEO, Taylor & Hart
– Akin Onal, Founder & CEO, Mori
– Lijo Jose, Co-Founder & CEO, ChewyMoon

10.30am: Panel Discussion – The DTC Way: Founding A Successful Direct-to-Consumer Brand

Synopsis: Each DTC brand has a unique story, and will face individual challenges. But how can you overcome these, and what is the key to building a successful brand? These DTC brands share their stories.

– Jessica Mason, Founder, Piglet In Bed
– Jimmy Williams, Co-founder and CEO, Urban Jungle
– Benjamin Quiroga-Rivera, Co-Founder UK, Emma Mattress

11.00am: Break

11.30am: Panel Discussion – Data Mining: Making the Most of the Data at Your Fingertips

Synopsis: DTCs are constantly creating data, but creation is only one aspect of the data game. How can these brands successfully gather, manage, interpret, and activate their first-party data, and what are the benefits this can offer?

– Ankita D’Mello Product Manager Birchbox
– Millie Maidens, Lead Designer & Product Developer, ADAY
Morgan Fowles, Chief Operating Officer, SPOKE

12.00pm: Keynote Presentation & Fireside Chat – Stepping Outside of the Gardens: Using Data and Intelligence to drive Digital Scale
Synopsis: The DTC economy is exploding. To capitalise on the opportunity, DTC brands need to ensure they are set up for growth beyond what opportunities are available in the walled gardens. There is huge, but fragmented, scale beyond the concentration of attention touted by the leading social audience aggregators, and by using their unique data and intelligence on their customers, DTC brands hold the keys to their own growth.

In this session, Shevlin discusses what this untapped audience is doing digitally, how to reach it, and how to future proof your media buying so it scales gracefully as browsing and content consumption habits evolve and traditional media channels become more automated and addressable.

– Shane Shevlin, SVP Strategic Development, IPONWEB

12.20pm: Panel Discussion – Social Commerce: Making Social Work for DTC Brands

Synopsis: Social has been vital for DTCs, but with more brands entering the fray, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are becoming more crowded, and capturing that all-important user attention is becoming more challenging. How do DTCs stand out on social, and how do social strategies evolve as the businesses grow?

– Mark Russell, Social Media Manager, eve sleep
– Additional Speakers TBC

12.50pm: Panel Discussion – TV & OOH: DTC is Changing the Face of Upper-Funnel Marketing

Synopsis: Upper-funnel marketing channels like TV and OOH are a great way for DTCs to increase their reach. But when is the right time to start investing in these channels, how do marketing strategies need to evolve to make the most of these new investment channels, and what are the typical challenges associated in getting to grips with them? 

– Joel Halpern, US & UK Country Manager, Evaneos
– Mike Shaw, VP International, dataxu
– Sheena Amin, Director, UKTV Ventures

1.30pm: Networking Lunch



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